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CKCA 2024 Spelling Bee Winners

Congratulations to our CKCA school-wide Spelling Bee winners! Grady and Honore got the opportunity to move on and proudly represent CKCA at the Barton County Spelling Bee on February 10, 2024. We are so proud of all their hard work!

A congratulations is also in order to our 3rd-8th grade classroom winners as well! These individuals competed during our January 19th school-wide Spelling Bee to compete for a spot in the Barton County Spelling Bee.

3rd Grade Winners:

Jazalene Smith

Brantley Damon

Kerrington Kaiser

4th Grade Winners:

Grady Weber

Adalynn Jeska

5th Grade Winners:

Riskin Waters

Brennan Kelty

Hazel Schroeter

6th Grade Winners:

Maggie Breitenbach

Patrick Lane

7th Grade Winner:

Honore Ajouh-Ngam


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