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CKCA Job Opportunities

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Central Kansas Christian Academy, an accredited K-8 Christian school in Great Bend, Kansas is seeking a full time Principal / School Administrator to carry on the successful legacy of the school and provide academic and spiritual leadership for the students and staff. This role will be a great opportunity for someone with a background in education and a proven track record as a leader to use their skills to serve the kingdom of God in a ministry role.

The Principal plays a key role in leading the day-to-day operations of the school and providing leadership and communication with staff, parents, and students. They are also responsible for developing and maintaining a positive culture that promotes academic and spiritual development. As the primary liaison between the staff, parents, board members, and the community, this professional’s responsibilities are split between academic oversight, personnel development, public relations, and administrative and operational management.


CKCA currently has an enrollment of over 70 students, and a staff of 15 full time and part time professionals. The mission of the school is to provide a quality Christian education by partnering with parents in preparing their students in developing their relationship with God and achieving academic excellence. This position requires a proven leader with the ability to provide exceptional communication, spiritual wisdom, operational management, and long-term vision for the future of the organization. Candidates should be passionate about relationships, and dedicated to furthering the mission of the school.

Spiritual Responsibilities:

  • Model an exemplary walk with Jesus Christ in speech, actions, attitudes, and overall demeanor, in and out of the school

  • Demonstrate a passion for and commitment to CKCA as a God-given ministry

  • As a spiritual mentor, encourage teachers and staff in their walk with Christ

  • Communicate the importance of developing Christ-like character in the lives of teachers and students

  • Oversee the scheduling of special events

  • Communicate Christ-centered education in all areas of the program

Instructional Responsibilities:

  • Provide positive leadership in the yearly revision and implementation of the Continuous School Improvement Plan and maintenance of ACSI accreditation

  • Development of teacher schedules for the most effective utilization of staff and for the most beneficial advancement of students

  • Informally and formally observe teachers, providing feedback and encouragement

  • Ensure adequate classroom teacher coverage, including assigning substitute teachers

  • Coordinate and supervise the purchase and development of foundational grade level curriculums, observing proper scope and sequence

  • Facilitate committee work on the curriculum review process, including the selection of textbooks, resource materials, development of curriculum guides, and other instructional material

  • Plan and conduct regularly scheduled faculty meetings and teacher in-services

  • Coordinate with the classroom teachers concerning field trips

  • Coordinate the annual achievement testing program for grades K-6 with the Administrative Assistant

  • Manage and evaluate entrance tests of potential students

  • Ensure students/parents are given needed counsel in regard to academic concerns


  • Monitor and enforce CKCA policies, procedures, and guidelines found within the Parent/Student and Employee Handbooks

  • Schedule and conduct interviews with teacher and staff candidates and provide hiring recommendations to the Governing Board

  • Conduct family interviews for prospective students, approving the admission or transfer of new students

  • Plan and conduct crisis, tornado, and fire drills

  • Manage all Fire Safety documentation

  • Communicate responsibilities of athletic director including filling coaching needs, scheduling games, etc.

  • Coordinate with coaches and Booster Club for all school and sports activities and ensure appropriate communication

  • Develop duty schedules for teaching staff

  • Counsel students/teachers/parents with discipline problems, maintaining documentation of all communications

  • Assume responsibility for all CKCA operations

  • Take leadership role in scheduling calendar time for attending yearly educator conventions

  • Maintain a positive relationship with the leadership of supporting churches

  • Advocate for CKCA’s staff, students, and overall progress in Board Meetings by bringing important topics to the floor.

  • Maintaining a working knowledge of policies, mandates, and requirements set by the local, state, and national governments, that affect the operation of CKCA.

  • Seek out and maintain partnerships that may help CKCA reach academic, financial, and/or spiritual goals.


To apply, please complete below principal/administrator application for employment, along with emailing a resume and professional references to or interested candidates may contact the school at 620-792-3477 to inquire during the school day.

If you are interested in joining our CKCA family, please submit your resume, cover letter and CKCA Application for Employment for current & future job opportunities!

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Once you have submitted your resume & cover letter, please complete the application for employment, located next to this form! Thanks for submitting!

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