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Dress Down Dollar Day
2022/2023 Charity List

August 26 - Golden Belt Humane Society

September 9 - Live Like Jesus Today

October 14 - Giving Tuesday (GBCF)

November 11 - Star of Hope

December 16 - Soup Kitchen (CKDC)

January 20 - Central Kansas Dream Center

February 10 - Samaritans Purse

March 10 - Royal Family Kids Camp

April 21 - Voice of the Martyrs

May 12 - Convoy of Hope

Dress Down Guidelines
(See Pg. 10-11 in Student Handbook)

  • On any dress down day, regular requirements for modesty and safety will still be expected, i.e. socks/tights must be worn, midriffs must be covered, and leggings/tights/jeggings may only be worn with shorts/skorts/skirts/jumpers that are closer to the knee than mid-thigh. 

  • Spaghetti strap or off the shoulder shirts as well as cutoffs or sleeveless shirts are not allowed.

During the school year, we dedicate one Friday each month as an opportunity for the students to give back to their community!
In exchange for their giving, they are allowed to dress down and not wear school uniforms for that day. 
If you would like to donate to one of the listed entities above, please contact the CKCA office!

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